Videos of Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense gestures and new Google A

You won’t believe it – there’s been another Google Pixel 4 leak. This time it’s a couple of Google-made videos showing the phone’s Motion Sense gestures in action, as well as the next-generation Google Assistant.

The promo videos were spotted by 9to5Google, and the Motion Sense gesture videos show users snoozing alarms, silencing phone calls and skipping tracks all with the same hand gesture – a swipe of the hand over the Pixel 4’s display.

Google did announce in its official blog post surrounding the Motion Sense gestures that these features would be possible, though the videos show the gesture in action, and importantly, show the same gesture, meaning you won’t have to learn multiple gestures to take advantage of these features.

The leaked video showcasing the “new Google Assistant” on the Pixel 4 was also discovered by 9to5Google. Google demoed the next generation Google Assistant during its I/O 2019 keynote, but the video shows a first look at what to expect when in action.


Aside from a new user interface, it’s the multi-tasking capabilities that are the most interesting. After saying the initial wake words, or squeezing the Active Edge sides, users will be able to ask Google Assistant to complete multiple actions without having to say the wake words again, or squeezing the sides again.

Google’s Smart Displays and Google Home devices already allow for this thanks to Continued Conversation so it seems this capability has been carried over to the Pixel smartphone. The video has a couple of examples of this in action. One shows the user receiving a text asking when they land, after which they ask Google Assistant when their flight is landing and tell Assistant to reply to the person who sent the original message with the time.

Another example was the user asking Google Assistant to show them their recent images in Google Photos, refine the results and then send the picture in a message.

The Google Pixel 4 will be announced on 15 October at the Made by Google event. A second generation Google Home Mini – called Nest Mini – is also expected, alongside updated Pixel Buds and the Pixelbook Go.