Google Pixel 4a passes through certification, has bigger batter

Google’s upcoming budget Pixel has passed through yet further certification, suggesting a launch is imminent. In this particular instance, that’s the NCC in Taiwan and TUV Rheinland. 

When devices pass through certification at regulatory bodies like this, it virtually always signals a release will be coming soon. As we’ve found when phones show up on the US’ FCC and China’s TENAA. 

Reglardless of the exact certification bodies, it indicates that the device is real, and this time it comes along with some fresh specifications. 

According to the listings, the Pixel 4a will feature a 3,140mAh typical capacity (3,080mAh rated). That latter number is one we’ve seen rumoured before, and pushes it slightly above the 3,000mAh battery of the Pixel 3a. 

That does suggest we won’t see a massive difference in battery life when comparing the phone to its predecessor, but if it performs like the 3a, it should easily get most users through a day. 

Another specification revealed in the listings is that the Pixel 4a will – unsurprisingly – ship with the same 18W power adapter we’re used to seeing with Pixel phones. 

Other than that, there’s not a lot else revealed by these certification listings. We’re expecting the phone to land at some point within the next couple of months, and following the discontinuation of the Pixel 3a, that launch might be sooner rather than later. 

As always, we’ll keep you updated as more details emerge, up until the point the phone is officially launched by Google.